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Is this another get-rich-quick scheme?
Absolutely NOT – It’s as far from that as possible. Our Work-at-Home programs are a legitimate opportunity few know about. Trust us, we have run into many scams ourselves. We want to gain your trust and loyalty. We honestly don’t understand why companies scam their members.

How do I know you are a legitimate company?
We’ve taken every precaution to show you our legitimacy through our Web verification. We do our best to make each member feel they are part of something special which translates to legitimacy.

Are you a member of the BBB?
NO! and as we do have respect for the BBB we refuse to pay them to tell you we are a good company. Many people are not in tune about the BBB that they are a private company that earns money off businesses they charge to give them a A+ rating. To us that is not an ethical way to do business and they are committing fraud to the consumer.

If you want to find out the real details and what the BBB is about watch this news story ABC 20/20 News did on the BBB:

If I don’t live in the U.S.A can I still do these jobs?
Yes, you most certainly can. We have many members from Canada, UK, Australia, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand and many other countries. Because this is a Global job program, everyone has the same opportunities. For a complete list of countries this is available, go to our Available Country list.

How much money can I realistically make?
The best way to answer this is to ask how dedicated will you be in your effort to make money? What we’re saying is there is no cap on how much you can make.

We’ll provide you the job programs, tools, software and guidance you need to do the program; the only thing stopping you will be YOU do the job tasks that earn you income! If you want to know numbers we have shown members who make $1,000 or more per day. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the way it is.  We are in no way are promising you will do that, but it is possible and is being done with members today.

We won’t promise you that you’ll make the income that we’ve presented to you, but at least the opportunity is realistic. What this all comes down to is that if you’re willing to put in a small effort and do the jobs we provide, you can make a decent income. If you aren’t willing to put in any effort, then we suggest that you not join our program.

What type of work will I be doing?
The type of work you’ll be doing will depend on which of our many job programs we offer you choose. We list our current job and opportunities in our Program details page for you to view. You can get a good idea what will be involved for each job and opportunity we currently provide.

We’ll present you with every legitimate work-at-home job opportunity that you can do on the Web. It is up to you to see which one or ones best fit you. Which jobs you want to train for and do is your choice.

Do I need to do all of the job programs you provide?
NO, You can work whatever job programs or opportunities you prefer. You can do one, or do them all, or even do none of them if you choose. Of course you will not make money if you do not do the work, but we are pointing out the flexibility of this program.

With the many work-at-home jobs and opportunities we provide most of our team members will find at least one they like and in many cases find several they like. If you are one of the few team members that find NO jobs or opportunities we provide to your liking, then you can simply request your hosting access fee to be refunded if you are within the 60-day guarantee period.

How long does each programming training take?
Most of our training programs for the job and opportunity program will only take 2 to 3 hours on average. Our Global data-entry program will take the longest and may take up to 4 hours. We have some programs that will take as little as one hour training.

You don’t have to do all the training at one time. You can do a few minutes a day if you need to. We just point out it is important to do all the training to assure that you know the needed job task requirements.

Note: Many of our job programs will allow you to earn income while you’re going through the training on many of our programs.

What kind of skills do I need?
NO special skills are required. You DON’T have to be a great typist, as long as you have a basic understanding of the English language. This is why you’ll benefit from our program — the training we provide will teach the most novice worker. As long as you have a decent computer, keyboard, mouse and Internet connection you have everything you need.

How often do I get paid?
You’ll set up a few payroll accounts; again we’ve provided you with the step-by-step process. Since this is a legitimate job, you’ll need to be set up with the proper tax information (depending on your country tax reporting requirements).

Your pay account tracks all of your earnings and will send you a payment by check, PayPal or direct deposit once a month, or on the 1st and 15th of every month to anywhere in the world you choose.

You’ll have other options to be paid such as by MoneyBookers/Skrill (for countries not allowed to use PayPal). How and when you are paid will be determined on which job or opportunity program(s) you do.

What hours do I need to work?
You can work whatever hours you’d like, whichever days you want. Work around your own schedule, not someone else’s schedule. You can work one hour a day, or ten hours a day. That’s the best part of the program. No time clocks or bosses to answer to.

It’s not all roses — you will have to put some effort into it in order to earn money, but at least it’s at your discretion.

Do I sell products, own a website, or do cold calling?
NO you do NOT. As mentioned earlier, the majority of our job programs don’t involve supplying products or selling anything, and you do NOT have to make phone calls, or provide customer support. You don’t need a website or blog as well.

In no way do you ever have to promote our company to be paid. But don’t be shy to tell your friends of our great program. Or keep it your secret!

Do I have to pay a fee?
We don’t charge for any of the programs we provide. We will give you all of the training, tools, resources, software, jobs and opportunities for free. Because the training and jobs are presented and performed online through a secure 3rd-party dedicated server you will need to pay a one-time fee to access the program through the 3rd-party hosting server.

To use the 3rd-party server through Online Training Host will save you a ton of money — you won’t have to purchase your own dedicated server which can cost a minimum of $100 per month and you only will use a small portion of the server bandwidth and data transfer. This is your best option because it is a one-time only fee and it is fully refundable if you are not satisfied with our program.

Are there any hidden costs once a member?
NO – Once you pay your one-time access hosting fee, you’ll never have to pay for anything ever again — no upgrade fees and no additional service fees. We have designed this program so you don’t have to spend any more than your one-time fee. This is also why we give you the software needed as well. Many programs have you pay for a membership, then force you to purchase the tools and software needed to complete the jobs. We DON’T do that!

Everything is included in your one-time hosting account access fee. We’ve removed the obstacles that are found in many work-at-home programs that charge additional money.

What if I try this program and don’t like it?
If you try our program, and are not completely satisfied, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. Our goal is to make sure that you’re happy with the program we offer.

We will be the first to say we will not satisfy everyone with our program, as that is an impossible task; but rest assured that if you are one of those very few who is unhappy with our program you will get ALL of your one-time access hosting set-up fee refunded.

We’ve put together something very special, and we hope you will agree. Feel free to at least try it — you have nothing to lose. Also note if we didn’t honor our refund guarantee as we promise we wouldn’t be in business for long. We’ve been in business for over ten years, so that should tell you that we do honor our refund guarantee.

How soon can I start?
As soon as you sign up with your online hosting access account, you get instant access to our program. You’ll be assigned a special code to set up your own login username and password of your choice on the Online Training Host server to access the complete program. You can access this server and our programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

How do I contact you if I have more questions?
Write to

Note: There are dashes (-) between our domain name. Make sure to add those dashes or you will end up somewhere else.

For our current Team Members we do offer phone support as an option. Most of the time we can accomplish simple inquiries through email support.

How do I become a member?
Simply click on any of the “Click Here to Register Today” button at the bottom of any of the pages and you will be directed to the page with step-by-step information to get your Online Training Host account set up and instant access to the program.

What are the system requirements?
Here are the PC/laptop – tablet and an Internet requirements:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows XP (Professional or Home edition), Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows95, Windows98, Windows Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 – Home or Professional editions, 32 bit or 64 bit, LINUX, or MAC OS X or with operating system 2004 or newer.

COMPUTER HARDWARE: At least 64MB system memory—128MB system memory is recommended. At least 10MB available hard disk space.

INTERNET CONNECTION: We suggest you use this on a broadband cable/DSL connection with 128K minimum speed for optimum performance. However, this will work on a 56k dial-up as well. If you’re using a 56k dial-up service it will take a little longer for our job training pages and job assignments to load.

SOFTWARE: No special software is needed. We’ll provide you with any software needed to do this program. We’ll even provide manual online methods to use if you don’t want to download software to your computer, or don’t have the ability to load the software we provide.

ONLINE HOSTING DEDICATED SERVER: We will get you set up through a secure third-party dedicated hosting account which will give you access to our free program. Just click the “Click Here to Register Today” button below.

To whom we offer this work-at-home program

We can offer this program to anyone who has desire and determination to work at home doing simple job tasks. If you have a home-based PC, laptop, or tablet, and an Internet connection and are willing to follow instructions, put in an effort you can do the jobs and opportunities we provide to earn an income working at home.

If you are tired of all the get-rich-quick scams, jobs that require you to invest money, are tired of punching a time clock and making someone else money, then our program may be for you.

If you are from any of the 200 + countries we provide this program to then you too can participate. Because this is a Global job program it opens the door to many more people wanting to earn income working at home. We currently have helped over 30,000 people from hundreds of countries earn a living working from any location they choose.

Exactly what we provide each of our members

We provide you with instant access directly to our online program — so you can get started today! You will get access to all of the job and opportunity programs complete with the needed training, tools, resources, and needed software. With our program we provide complete support if needed — our support team is just a click away.

In our program you will also find additional helpful resources such as skills training, business tools, and bonus programs (which include thousands of additional work-at-home opportunities).

Everything we just mentioned is worth hundreds of dollars and we give all of this to each member for free. After you have set up your third-party online program hosting account you will never have hidden costs or additional fee requirements. Once you are in our program we do everything to remove barriers that will get in your way of earning income!

Have more questions about our program? Visit our Knowledgebase for frequently asked questions!