Our Company

Home Business Agent’s (HBA) Work-at-Home Jobs was founded by Donna Richards and Emily Pratt in 2004. The idea behind HBA’s program was to develop a network of companies along with legitimate jobs and opportunities to allow people to work at home.

HBA took all the risks and spent all the money to develop this program for members who wish to join with little or no investment and to remove any barriers that would block their success.

Since 2004 HBA has grown to over 30,000 team members and a staff of 25 employees in ten years. Everyday HBA is developing new legitimate ways to make money from home for its members.

Most of the opportunities provided through HBA’s work-at-home program are ranked among the top opportunities currently being done by people everyday. The problem with most legitimate opportunities is that there is know one willing to share exactly how to do them. Until now with the help of HBA’s Work-at-Home program!

The biggest focus on HBA’s program is to allow anyone no matter what the skill level is to take advantage of these opportunities. The whole program revolves around teaching the most novice user to have the ability to succeed!

There are the “3 D’s of Success” for anyone wanting to work at -home successfully:

Desire – The “Desire” to work-at-home!

Determination – The “Determination” to accomplish any task at hand to make it work!

Direction – The needed “Direction” to know exactly what to do to work at home successfully!

If you have the first two D’s, Home Business Agent will supply the third “Direction


Hello. My name is Donna Richards and I am the CEO of Home Business Agent’s Work-at-Home program. I would like to explain what it is we can offer you and personally invite you to become a member of our exclusive program.

What we offer is proven and effective ways to work at home online through the program we offer. I’m not going to try to sell you anything or try to convince you to join our program. What I will do is go over in detail and point out exactly what we can offer you with our work-at-home program.

The bottom line it will be your decision whether you think our program can benefit your personal situation. If you have a few minutes, I will like to show you the details and facts of the program we offer!

Our Founders


Donna Richards – Co Founder – CEO

Donna graduated top of her class from Northwestern University in 1995 with a degree in business management. In 2003 Donna had her first child which encouraged her to develop Home Business Agent’s Work-at-Home program so she could spend more time with her child. She teamed up with Emily in 2003 to create Home Business Agent’s Work-at-Home program.  Today she is one of the top authority figures when it comes to working from home.


Emily Pratt – Co Founder – President

Emily was  graduated from Temple University in 1990 with a degree in Economics. She first met Donna in 2003 while getting ready to give birth to her third child. At the time she was managing logistics director of a large business in Chicago and like Donna wanted to create a way to work-at-home and started to brainstorm with Donna to help create the Home Business Agent’s Work-at-Home program. Today Emily is retired and helps Donna out from time to time.

Donna Richards’ Work-From-Home Tips on ABC News

To whom we offer this work-at-home program

We can offer this program to anyone who has desire and determination to work at home doing simple job tasks. If you have a home-based PC, laptop, or tablet, and an Internet connection and are willing to follow instructions, put in an effort you can do the jobs and opportunities we provide to earn an income working at home.

If you are tired of all the get-rich-quick scams, jobs that require you to invest money, are tired of punching a time clock and making someone else money, then our program may be for you.

If you are from any of the 200 + countries we provide this program to then you too can participate. Because this is a Global job program it opens the door to many more people wanting to earn income working at home. We currently have helped over 30,000 people from hundreds of countries earn a living working from any location they choose.

Exactly what we provide each of our members

We provide you with instant access directly to our online program — so you can get started today! You will get access to all of the job and opportunity programs complete with the needed training, tools, resources, and needed software. With our program we provide complete support if needed — our support team is just a click away.

In our program you will also find additional helpful resources such as skills training, business tools, and bonus programs (which include thousands of additional work-at-home opportunities).

Everything we just mentioned is worth hundreds of dollars and we give all of this to each member for free. After you have set up your third-party online program hosting account you will never have hidden costs or additional fee requirements. Once you are in our program we do everything to remove barriers that will get in your way of earning income!

Have more questions about our program? Visit our Knowledgebase for frequently asked questions!