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We have guided thousands of members to success using our work-at-home online tools, training, resources and job programs. We have been providing legitimate work-at-home opportunities for over ten years which allows us to share our knowledge and experience for all of our Work-at-Home members.

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We are certified with several online organizations for providing a legitimate way to work at home online. Seven out of ten of our work-at-home opportunities have been listed on Forbes “Top 10 jobs that can be done online from home.” We have received top work-at-home honors for several years in a row by legitimate review sites and recently received their “Editor’s Choice Award” from Consumer-Rated.

We are NOT a get-rich-quick company, nor we are not offering a work-at-home franchise or an investment opportunity. The work-at-home programs we offer are legitimate proven income-generating opportunities that are designed to have you work and make money. Your success is entirely determined by your own efforts put into the program we provide.

Strategic Vision – Jobs & Opportunities

We will provide both work-at-home jobs as well as provide the best opportunities available today directly through our program! What is the difference between the jobs and opportunities provided?

Work-at-Home Jobs
Through our program we will provide job resources for you to perform through our program. We work with thousands of companies along with our team members that allows the jobs to be done directly through our program. It is very simple, do the jobs we train you on along with the companies provided and you will be working and earning money!

Work-at-Home Opportunities
Along with our job program we will also provide all the top income-earning opportunities being performed online today. We give our members complete training through our program and how to take advantage of these opportunities. All of the opportunities are currently in the top 10 list on “Forbes best jobs that can be done online from home.”

Outsourcing Companies

“Company downsizing is creating an onset of work-at-home job opportunities”
Business Weekly Magazine

With the power of the Internet companies large and small are finding it beneficial to outsource work online — which helps increase their profits and expand their brand, services and products. Using outsourcing channels such as our program is one of the most effective ways companies are finding to accomplish these tasks and offering our team members a great opportunity. The best part is that more companies are being added almost daily.

Thousands of companies are restructuring to save money!

Outsourcing simple tasks such as data entry, clerical, administrative duties, marketing, and word processing — to name a few is saving companies millions of dollars each year.

There are many large companies from all over the world that turn to companies like ours to provide them with able workers to fill openings in many brand new work-at-home fields.

Because of the overwhelming demand for work-at-home opportunities we needed to create a program that would allow people with no prior experience to easily be trained to do the simple tasks that are required.

There is too much work and not enough workers in many of these fields that are outsourced. That is why we are always seeking additional team members to assist in the heavy work flow.

We have created a work-at-home program that is simple to learn new tasks that are designed to create income working at home. Most of our members had no prior experience in any of the fields we provide prior to joining our program. With our training and tutorials our members are able to learn new skills that have helped them earn income well into the future.

Our Work-at-Home Jobs and Training
We work directly with the companies, global online businesses, and our team members (you). By gathering company requirements, jobs, and needed tasks we are able to create training programs for our team members to meet the requirements of these outsourcing companies. We provide these directly through our online program which can be accessed 24/7 at your convenience.

Companies and Global Online Businesses
We have 40,000 + companies and global online businesses that we work with directly. We will gather all the needed requirements, skills and jobs available from these companies. We then create online training programs based on the requirements set by the companies and global online businesses for our members to study and complete the needed  tasks to earn money.

The training is updated in real-time and changed as needed to meet the company’s and global business’ requirements. The companies will pay you directly for your work directly through special pay administrative accounts that we will assist you to get set up with. This insures you that you will be tracked and paid for your work.

Our Work-at-Home Team Members (You)
All of our team members are given complete training for the required skills with all of the opportunities and job programs we provide. The training will assure that you will be fulfilling the exact requirements set by the companies and global online businesses. We will provide any needed tools, resources, as well as all the needed software to complete your required job tasks at no additional costs.

You keep 100% of your earnings!
Because this a legitimate opportunity and you will be dealing with legitimate companies, you will never pay a company to do work. Instead these companies will simply pay you for your work — as it should be. Any legitimate opportunity or company should only be paying you for the work you perform, not the other way around.


Earning Potential

How much you earn is entirely up to you, and is based on the amount of time and effort you can dedicate to the program. If you can only spend an hour or two a day (maybe at start of the program), you can earn $100 to $200 a day which is a nice income to start with limited time dedicated to the program. Once you dedicate more time to the program, you can start earning a very nice income like many of our dedicated members who are earning $500 or more per day!



Work Only With Proven Jobs & Opportunities

We will explain each of our primary jobs and opportunities below for you to review. One thing we are going to point out is that we currently offer 7 out of the top 10 jobs listed by Forbes. With our program you will get ALL of the jobs and opportunities we mention below. It is your decision on whether you would like to do just one or all the jobs and opportunities we provide.

Take a look at the Forbes article for yourself:



Content Article Writing

This is the current #1 work-at-home opportunity listed on the Forbes top 10 list. Because of the need for fresh content online businesses are paying top dollar for simple content in the form of short articles. Our program will give you all the needed training and skills to create these short articles in minutes. We will show you exactly how you will submit the completed articles and get paid. Our articles writers can make $300 a day working part time!


Social Media Management

This is the current #3 work-at-home opportunity listed on the Forbes top 10 list. With the rapid growth of social media it is important that business both online and off line create a social media presence. Many of these companies find it is time consuming and will outsource this opportunity to people willing to spend time making simple posts for their business. We will give you all the training to make you an expert in social media management.


Virtual Assistant

This is the current #4 work-at-home opportunity listed on the Forbes top 10 list. This is the number one job created from outsourced companies. As companies find it is cost effective to outsource much of their simple job tasks to save money, it has opened a door for our members to use the skills we provide from all of our programs we offer. You will combine everything we show into one simple task to earn money being a virtual assistant.


Online Research Associate

This is the current #6 work-at-home opportunity listed on the Forbes top 10 list. Out of all of the jobs and opportunities we provide for our members, this is the funnest to do. We have teamed up with several business evaluation services that pay you for your opinions for online businesses, products and services. We give you all the training that will show you how simple it is to make money just giving your honest opinions about companies.


Data Entry Specialist

This is the current #7 work-at-home opportunity listed on the Forbes top 10 list. Although the name sounds official, all you will be doing is simple job data-entry tasks for outsourcing companies. You will do simple word processing and Excel spreadsheets. Our training focuses on showing you the needed skills commonly used in word processing and excel programs. We will even give each member a 100% free word processor.


Blogging Income

This is the current #9 work-at-home opportunity listed on the Forbes top 10 list. Everyone probably has heard of people making a living blogging. Well now it is time we show you how they are EXACTLY doing it! We will show you how to set up your blog on any subject under the sun and how you can make endless amount of money with your blog. We also will show you how you can make posts to other blogs and earn money as well.


Online Marketing

This is the current #10 work-at-home opportunity listed on the Forbes top 10 list. Online Marketing comes in many different forms. We have created our own program that allows members to market directly for thousands of companies and earn money for each click, sale or impression. It is a form of affiliate marketing with a new twist. Everything we show you will never costs you any money and is refined to simple posts.


General Transcriber

Although this particular job was not listed in the Forbes top 10, it is the number one job that doesn’t have enough qualified workers. What this means for you through our program we are going to give you the needed skills to take on all of this work performing simple transcription of audio to text. Our audio transcribers are basically naming their own price for jobs they perform. The average pay for transcribers is now up to $70 per hour.


Field Evaluation Associate

The reason this job didn’t make the Forbes top 10 is that it is not done 100% online which is the criteria set in the Forbes report. Although about 70% of this job is done from home, it will require you to leave your home and perform evaluations on local businesses. Through our program we will give you the needed training and get you certified as a field evaluator at no cost. Once you are certified you will get direct assignments based on your location.

You see that all the current jobs and opportunities we provide are not some thought up get-rich-quick schemes. If you do your own research you will find most of the jobs and opportunities we provide are list among the top income earners that are being done everyday by people just like yourself!

On top of the list of jobs and opportunities mentioned we also add new programs all of the time as well as provide many other great opportunities not listed.

You will never find so many legitimate ways to earn money working at home online in one place!

All the Needed Training Provided Directly Online


Online Training Account

Each of our members will be able to set up their own login to access our online program 24/7 and 365 days a year. We provide everything you need through a 3rd party secure hosting account which will allow you to access from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Simply login when you want and select any of the program we offer and get started.


Simple Training Modules

We provide separate training modules for each of our job and opportunity programs. We have made it very simple to follow each step by virtually taking your hand and walking you through the needed training. We provide both detailed video and text tutorials that will give everyone an equal chance to learn all of our programs even being hearing or visual impaired.


Needed Tools & Resources

One of the biggest problems you will find with online opportunities is they lack the needed tools and resources for you to succeed. We include everything you need from the tools to perform the jobs and opportunities, to the job and opportunity resources along with all needed software. You will never need to go outside our program to find what you need.


Available Globally

Globally means Globally! No matter where you would like to work from in the world we have you covered! Our program is designed for people from over 180 countries and can be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection. There are only a few of our job programs that will be based on your location and we will clarify this in the particular programs.


Tracking & Receiving Earnings

It will be important to know how much money you have earned at any given time. With the special tracking accounts we provide you will be able to see your earnings in real-time.  You can see how much you have earned daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You can receive your payments by mailed check, direct bank transfer or most common by PayPal.


Members Support

We have a dedicated support team available for each of our members. If you have a simple inquiry or a major issue we are here to help. We can walk you through any issue you are having whether it is understanding a part of the training, or performing the job tasks themselves. We provide this award-winning support to each of our members at absolutely no cost.

Real Members’ Experiences

Let our members speak for us on their experience with our work-at-home program!

“WOW guys, it really works…thanks to you im MAKING MONEY, i love you….ur my hero….i went to my boss and gave my notice today… I am a Very Happy Member.”

David C. - Rockville, MD U.S.A.

“I’m in the UK and I could never find any good websites that cater to the UK to work from home. Yours really does a great job for us here in the UK…talk to you later. Great site!”

Debra L. - Bracknell, England U.K.

“Donna, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help! I ask a question just about every day and you answer them all so quickly. Its good to have someone to help me through this.”

Pamela B. - Ft. Bragg CA, U.S.A

“Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful program. I’ve already earned money in the first two weeks working just part time. I’ve been looking for something like this for so long and all the things I saw out there seemed to be a big scam. Anyway, thank you again for your program. I’m very exited about seeing my results grow.

Alyona B. - Vinnytsia, Ukrain

“I have never made any money online ever through anything but your program. After trying so many other websites that were only disappointments you work at home opportunities are really the best I have seen. I will be sure to tell all my friends about your program. Thank You”

Aseem D. - Chennai, India

“I would love to be a spokesperson for your program and I will set people’s minds at ease know this is not only a great program, but a valuable resource for anyone wanting to make legitimate money online. If someone can’t make this program work my advice is to quit looking because they will not find anything better.”

Michelle F. Hamilton, OH U.S.A.

“Thanks for your great program!!! I have earned almost $600 just this week. This only makes you want to work harder and longer knowing all your efforts are not for nothing like so many other programs I have tried in the past. I sure have never got anything this good.”

Debbie F. - Blackburn, Australia

“I am now one of your biggest fans after giving this program a try. I not only like doing the jobs, I’m making a killing and putting some nice money in my pocket. Awesome program and I can’t wait to see more money coming in shortly.”

Josef H. - Nitra, Slovakia

“I’m sure you have heard this before but I was thinking this was going to be another scam. After only a few minutes in the program that thought was squashed. I have to say I am very impressed with your program and the training you provide. The only way not to make money is not to try.”

John A. Eustis, FL U.S.A.

Testimonial Disclosure: All of the testimonials listed on this page were submitted by real members and were confirmed through their members account logins. Home Business Agent did not compensate any of the members in any way for their testimonials.

To whom we offer this work-at-home program

We can offer this program to anyone who has desire and determination to work at home doing simple job tasks. If you have a home-based PC, laptop, or tablet, and an Internet connection and are willing to follow instructions, put in an effort you can do the jobs and opportunities we provide to earn an income working at home.

If you are tired of all the get-rich-quick scams, jobs that require you to invest money, are tired of punching a time clock and making someone else money, then our program may be for you.

If you are from any of the 200 + countries we provide this program to then you too can participate. Because this is a Global job program it opens the door to many more people wanting to earn income working at home. We currently have helped over 30,000 people from hundreds of countries earn a living working from any location they choose.

Exactly what we provide each of our members

We provide you with instant access directly to our online program — so you can get started today! You will get access to all of the job and opportunity programs complete with the needed training, tools, resources, and needed software. With our program we provide complete support if needed — our support team is just a click away.

In our program you will also find additional helpful resources such as skills training, business tools, and bonus programs (which include thousands of additional work-at-home opportunities).

Everything we just mentioned is worth hundreds of dollars and we give all of this to each member for free. After you have set up your third-party online program hosting account you will never have hidden costs or additional fee requirements. Once you are in our program we do everything to remove barriers that will get in your way of earning income!

Have more questions about our program? Visit our Knowledgebase for frequently asked questions!